Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi and Lapland are bursting with activities and experiences from the fast-paced to the slow and relaxing.

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The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, are nature’s most spectacular light show. In Lapland, they are visible on roughly 200 nights a year from late August until mid-April, but seeing them is always up to chance – solar activity must be favourable and the skies clear of clouds.

Located in a patch of forest free of light pollution, Glass Resort is an excellent location for viewing the Northern Lights. Here, you can admire the amazing display relaxing in your outdoor hot tub or even in the comfort of your bed inside the apartment.

Adventure goes well with the Aurora Borealis, and Glass Resort provides Northern Lights tours with expert guides. Booking is available online (see above) or at the reception.

Buy Aurora Alert App

Available for purchase at Glass Resort reception, Aurora Alert is an app that notifies when the Northern Lights are visible where you are located.

Booking also available at Glass Resort reception

We’ll gladly help you with booking activities on-site at the reception, but please bear in mind that especially during peak seasons, availability cannot be guaranteed.

The sooner you book your activities, the better we can guarantee their availability. Please contact us for advance booking or book online (see above).

This was one if the best igloos we have stayed at. We stayed in 5B, and it was fabulous. There is a sauna and hot tub outside both of which are a must. But the best part was sleeping under the stars and snow filled trees. We would definitely stay here again. Decor is modern, there is also a great snow park for the kids and a shot of vodka at the ice bar in an ice glass just tops off a brilliant night. Highly recommended.

- AmesFamily, Jan 6th 2018

This hotel is just wonderful! The Jacuzzi, the sauna, the staff, the forest around the resort, everything is just perfect. Spend your evening in the jacuzzi watching the stars! The room is super clean and cozy and very very romantic! Once in a lifetime you should pay for this!

- Vittoriapat, Jan 19th 2018

The glass igloos were amazing, the hot tub was fantastic, the whole trip was really out of this world. Magical for the whole family, highly recommended. Dreams came true here in the magic of it all.

- ctill69, Dec 17th 2019