Reservation terms and conditions

These terms and conditions below are applicable to Glass Resort Arctic Circle Oy accommodation reservations. The domicile of Glass Resort Arctic Circle Oy is in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland.

    At the time of reserving, guest indicates their name, group size and requested date/time of the visit. The reservation is binding once the guest has received a written confirmation from Glass Resort. All reservations are charged according to payment terms stated at the booking confirmation. The reservation fee is charged from guest’s credit card Visa/Master/Maestro/JCB/UnionPay) by online payment link or the reservation fee is invoiced upon request (additional 15€ invoicing fee applies). After the payment guest will receive a confirmation of the reservation/receipt of payment/service voucher by email.

    The guest check-in time/reservation start time is stated in the confirmation sent to the guest. Guest is entitled to inform the late arrival time to the reception. Check-in time is from 3pm until 12am (midnight). Check-in takes place in the reception building of Glass Resort, Tähtikuja 16, in Santa Claus Village. Guest must present a valid credit card upon check-in Visa/Master/Maestro/JCB/UnionPay). Check-out time is latest at 11am. An additional overstay fee of 150€/start of every hour applies in case the apartment has not been vacated by 11am.

    Cancellation terms are stated in the booking confirmation. Cancellation or modification must always be confirmed in writing by Glass Resort. Guest is entitled to inform Glass Resort for any cancellation/late arrival. Glass Resort recommends for the guest to have a travel insurance to cover for any unexpected cancellations. Glass Resort does not offer insurance services.
    In case the guest has not arrived on the day of arrival by 12am (midnight) and has not informed the Glass Resort of the late arrival time, Glass Resort holds the right to cancel the reservation without prior notice or refund to the guest.

    The guest is obliged to follow good manners at Glass Resort. The guest shall observe the Glass Resort terms and conditions and conduct himself/herself appropriately. If the guest breaks the Glass Resort terms and conditions or does not conduct himself/herself appropriately, the Hotel reserves the right to remove the guest immediately from the Hotel premises without any refund. The guest shall be liable for any damages caused to the Hotel or the service provider and must cover the incurred expenses in full. By confirming the reservation, the guest accepts to pay for all damages caused directly or indirectly to the host.

    Luggage service is available upon request (8am-9pm). Glass Resort is not responsible for damaged,
    destroyed or lost luggage or valuables in the accommodation unit. Lost luggage or stolen goods should be reported to the host and the local police department. There is a safety deposit box provided in each accommodation unit.

  6. PETS
    Pets are not allowed in Glass Resort premises.

    Smoking indoors is strictly forbidden. Should the guest smoke inside the accommodation unit, he/she will be charged a standard fee of 1000€ / reservation day. Other circumstances necessitating the ozonation of the accommodation unit will also result in a 1000€ fee. Cleaning after check-out is included in the price.
    Daily cleaning (change of towels, taking out rubbish) is included in the price. The guest will be charged for any additionally required cleaning services, e.g. the removal of bodily discharge or the change of water in the hot spa due to misbehavior of the guest. The standard extra cleaning fee is 500€ (depending on the extra cleaning services required) f.ex change of water in the hot spa. In case of vandalism, the guest is liable for all damages caused to the host and must cover all incurred expenses in full. Glass Resort holds the right to determine whether damages caused are considered vandalism towards the resort.

    General silence in the Glass Resort area is 12am to 7am. Disturbance in the area must be informed to Glass Resort reception from where it will be directed to local police department if necessary.

    The guest has the right to use the outdoor hot spa during hours of 7am to 12am (midnight). Between 12am and 7am the use of the hot spa is not allowed to maintain the general silence in the area. Guest is entitled to read the hot spa instructions provided in the apartment and to follow them in full. No soap/food/glass/clothing/towels are allowed inside the hot spa. Smoking is not allowed in the hot spa. The security department of Glass Resort will check the hotel area at midnight to make sure all spas are turned off and closed appropriately.

    Any complaints or concerns about the reservation should be expressed to the reception staff immediately after they arise.

    Glass Resort reserves the right to modify or cancel the reservation in case of circumstances outside of the control of the Hotel or the service provider that are classified as Force Majeure situations by the government of Finland, or any circumstances beyond its reasonable control, preventing the rendering of the purchased services. Such Force Majeure situations include, but are not limited to: pandemic, flood, earthquake, extreme weather conditions, war or acts of terrorism. The exclusive applicable law is the Law of Finland. Any dispute arising from or relating to the services offered by Glass Resort shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Finnish courts and will be handled in the District Court of Lapland located in Rovaniemi.