At Glass Resort, the pure nature of Lapland and environmental values are important. We want to follow the principles of sustainable development in all our activities. Construction technology and business operations have been implemented in such a way that the load on the environment is as small as possible.

Sustainable development is one of the company’s most important values ​​and a meaningful part of the whole operation. In the company, we use geothermal heat and green electricity as energy sources. We aim to make energy and water use more ecological. We choose our materials and our partners carefully, sharing common environmental values. Recycling and reducing plastic are an important part of the company’s continuous environmental development. In the interior, we use Nordic design, and in the restaurant we offer nutritious ingredients from the pristine and pure nature of Lapland.

We also want to increase our customers’ environmental awareness of the green values.

Cultural and social sustainability play a key role in the operation. We treat our employees and customers with respect, fairness and equality.

Glass Resort is committed to Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland program. With the EcoCompass and Sustainable Travel Finland environmental certificates, the company takes into account the values ​​of environmental responsibility and sustainability by communicating the principles of sustainable development to customers and staff.

With the help of EcoCompass, we aim to minimize the environmental impact caused by the company.

The goals set by EcoCompass for Glass Resort

  • Reducing water consumption
  • Reducing electricity consumption
  • Purchases to be more environmentally responsible
  • Reducing the amount of waste
  • More ecological chemicals
  • Changing the transport equipment to be more ecological
  • Examining materials to be more ecological
  • Informing customers about green values